Home for traditional Indian food

CJ1 Indian Curry is an exceptional take-away and dine-in restaurant in the city of Port Pirie.

The CJ1 Indian Curry restaurant has a variety of Indian gastronomes from the North to the South of India. It has been a conventional business for seven years and has became a standard place for Port Pirie individuals to purchase some traditional Indian curry.

All curries that are made at CJ1 is made from traditional spices, herbs and masala (mixture of various spice ingredients) to create an aromatic and flawless curry that is made by our professional chef. Our Chef Mr. Suresh Kumar has been a cook for most part of his life backed up by enormous experience in working for various restaurants and hotels both in India and in Australia. The service that is offered at CJ1 Indian Curry is excellent and will give pleasure.

CJ1 Indian curry is a restaurant that gives a selection of high quality food at an affordable price.



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